Forms : Applications and Renewals

Soft coated Wheaten Terrier Breed Club of NSW (Inc.)

(affiliated with DogsNSW)

a breed club with a difference


(due 30 June of each year)


You can pay either by:


1.       Bpay/  Bank Transfer

            To:        Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Breed Club of NSW Inc

                          BSB:  082 656             Ac.No. 18082 7960  

              And an email should be sent to [email protected], stating your name and the

              details of the transfer.


2.            Cheques, with an accompanying note should be sent to:

                The Treasurer, SCWTB Club of NSW (Inc.),  PO Box 122, The Junction NSW 2291

    And an email should be sent to [email protected], stating your name and details

    of the transfer.

                If you pay by cheque, please include a stamped self-addressed envelope.


Please circle whichever method you would like to use:

                                I am/we are renewing membership

                                I am/we are/applying for new membership


Full name(s) and title:  ____________________________________________________


Full Address:                                    __________________________________________




Telephone:                                        ___________________________________________


Mobile:                                              ___________________________________________


Email:                                               ___________________________________________


Your Breeders Prefix/dog's prefix (if applicable): ______________________________________

DogsNSW Membership number (if applicable):           ___________________________________


DogsNSW Renewal date:___________________________________________________________



This is important.  We require this information for our affiliation registration and for our insurance.


Renewal fees:             Single: $20 p.a.               Joint:     $30 p.a.                          Junior: $10 p.a.

Please fill in your dog(s) name(s) and your experience with wheatens/dogs, reasons for joining and what

can you bring to the club (expertise, experience, help, enthusiasm, ideas, wish to serve on committees

or just join in and be part of the fun etc):


Name of Dog(s):              ___________________________________________________________




Interests:                         ___________________________________________________________





Below is for New Members applying only:

I have read and understand the Code of Ethics of the Club and agree to abide by these, and by any

other requirements laid down from time to time by DogsNSW.  I understand and accept that if

this application for membership is not accepted, the Club is not required to give a reason.


Signed:    ________________________             Dated: ___________________________________


Proposed by:  ________________________        Seconded by:   __________________________


Proposer and Seconder must be financial members of the Club (not required for foundation members).


                                               Membership Fees (half-fee if after December):

                Single:   $20 p.a                      Joint:     $30 p.a .                                     Junior:    $10 p.a.

The process is dictated to us by our Constitution:  After we receive the application for your membership,

it will be presented at the next General Meeting of the club for approval and then you will be a member

with such privileges as that entails and will receive a copy of the Constitution, the Code of Ethics.  As

soon as your membership has been approved, you will be able to join our interactive Facebook page

(“SCWTB Club of NSW Inc “) and get involved as much or as little as you wish.

As a member you can also be involved in meetings and vote.  Meetings are held LIVE on the FB page so that all members can participate and be involved in the affairs of the Club.

If you would like to help with running any part of the club, please contact the Secretary and she will put you in touch with the person in charge of that area in the Club.


Contact Details

Club Secretary
Sydney, NSW, Australia
Email : [email protected]